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My name is Nick Tierney. I have an honours degree in Psychological Science, and completed my PhD in Statistics under Kerrie Mengersen in 2018. I am now a Lecturer at Monash University, working with Di Cook and Rob Hyndman in the NUMBAT group. I am currently teaching ETC1010, introduction to Data, Modelling, and Computing.

My research is focussed on improving and understanding data analysis. Specifically, I’m interested in exploratory data analysis, statistical modelling, diagnostics, and understanding how colour choice can impact decision making. I am a strong believe in free and open source software, and have written several R packages to improve data analysis.

My work so far has focussed on the importance of knowing your data ( visdat ), and on creating principles and tools that make it easier to work with, explore, and model missing data ( naniar). I have also created an optimisation model that identifies and possibly relocates facilities to maximise their coverage on a population, in the R package maxcovr, and am interested in testing if commonly used diagnostics for MCMC methods are used effectively by researchers.

I love the R programming language and how it has transformed my world. I am a proud member of the rOpenSci community, a collective that works to make science open using R. I was the lead organiser of the rOpenSci ozunconf for 2016, 2017, and 2018.

I also co-host a podcast with Saskia Freytag about everything #rstats named “Credibly Curious”.

I am always up for questions about anything to do with R and stats. I was really fortunate to have some really kind people show me the ways of R and statistics, and I want to help people in the same way.

This website exists so I can write about what I do and engage in dialogue with statisticians, programmers, and whoever else is interested.

I am a keen outdoors person, and love hiking and rock climbing. Over the past years I have MC’d at national and state level climbing competitions, here is a photo of me MCing at the Australian national lead climbing championships in 2015 in Brisbane.

photo of me MCing at the National Lead Climbing Competition

I enjoy photography, and have taken some not-terrible photos of other climbers:

photo of my friend, Neil Jenman, on the submarine boulder in Castle Hill, NZ, underneath the stars

I occasionally play guitar, love karaoke, and am a coffee geek.

This website has moved from jekyll to blogdown, and am using a(n increasingly further) tweaked version of Yihui’s, hugo-xmin theme.

Feel free to send me an email at nicholas <dot> tierney {at} [gmail] (dot) com