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What I wish I’d known

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This is a reposting from the SSA Newletter for April 2018

Something I never tire of hearing is the story of how someone arrived at where they are today. What were the twists and turns in the path? Did they change direction in their lives? Did they know what they wanted to be when they were younger? How has that changed? What do you wish you’d known?

In April I helped organise a networking event with the Statistics Society Victoria Branch, asking this last question, “What I wish I’d known”.

We were very lucky to have four great speakers:

We had the pleasure of hearing the speakers talk plainly about what they wish they had known, and how they came to these realisations. Here are a few brief takeaway messages:

The event was a great success, with attendees engaging in discussions with speakers afterwards over drinks and pizza. We are hoping to make this a yearly event for SSA Vic.

My thanks to the awesome members of SSA Vic for their support in organising this event, in particular to Jessica Kasza. And of course, thank you to the speakers for delivering great advice, both on the stage and over drinks and pizza.

Me and the speakers, L to R: Nicholas Tierney; Roger Peng; Kate McBride; Emily Karahalios, and Julie Simpson. Photo by Jessica Kasza